CSS Pagination 8 Useful Types of CSS Pagination You Need To Know

More specifically, it allows you to specify the page number and the page size (limit). From there, the server can calculate the offset and return a page with items that match the page size. And while this makes development easier—as the SQL server handles the pagination—it leads to scalability issues. The database must scan every row from the beginning to the offset point. As a result, its performance degrades as the offset value increases, making it unsuitable for handling vast amounts of data. There’s also the possibility of navigating to nonexistent pages (e.g. you use an offset value that’s larger than the data set size), which can lead to errors when retrieving data.

It also conserves server resources, preventing overloading and potential system failures. The “less is more” rule is a 100% must when it comes to pagination. Avoid overloading pagination by displaying too many page links at once, as this could be overwhelming for users. Instead, opt for a simpler approach and present a limited number of pages at a time, providing a more focused navigation path.


They currently have 23 articles on their website, and 10 articles showing per page. Electronic pages displayed on a web browser are often called web pages, regardless of whether they are accessed online via a web server on the World Wide Web, or stored locally offline. More accurately, such documents are named by the markup language that makes them displayable via a web browser, e.g. “HTML page”. Our weekly newsletter provides the best practices you need to build high performing product integrations.

Types of pagination

This is when the content offers little value to the user, if any. Thin content could also result from a page with little content, and scraped and spinner content too. Once the user reaches the end of the page or has seen several items in a particular category,  it is intuitive that they will want to see more results. All of these software tools are capable of flowing the content through algorithms to decide the pagination. Learn more about Merge’s approach to pagination, rate limiting, authentication, and more by scheduling a demo with one of our integration experts.

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Additionally, in environments with fast-changing data, such as social feeds, there’s a risk of encountering data repetition or skipped data. That’s because new data can be added or existing data can be altered or deleted during consecutive page requests. These limitations make page-based pagination unsuitable for large data sets and fast-changing data. “Electronic page” is a term to encompass paginated content in presentations or documents that originate or remain as visual electronic documents. This is a software file and recording format term in contrast to electronic paper, a hardware display technology. Electronic pages may be a standard sized based on the document settings of a word processor file, desktop publishing application file, or presentation software file.

  • But as developers we must take into consideration all possible issues that may involve a user’s experience..
  • If the dataset it serves is small and well defined, the users can reduce the number of responses by being more specific in requests.
  • Instead of relying on numeric offsets, cursor-based pagination uses a unique identifier or token to mark the position in the dataset.
  • So, we’ve put together a thorough guide to the four types of API pagination you’re most likely to encounter so you can decide which approach will be best for your project.

Search engines might not be able to crawl all of your content, which can result in lower visibility in search results. To ensure safe and secure access, Keka API uses OAuth for authentication. This suggests that for successful integration, developers need an access token which can be generated with specific details. This includes client id (identifier for the client), client secret (for secure authentication), api key (unique API key for accessing the system), scope (requires passing kekaapi for this key).

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Due to a large number of web pages, pagination problems frequently occur on blogs, forums, and e-commerce websites. The most frequent issues involve search engine indexation and user experience (UX). Put simply, it’s not just about building an integration, but also about managing and maintaining it over time.

Types of pagination

The cursor can be based on various criteria, such as a timestamp, a primary key, or an encoded representation of the record. There are sites that allow filters in order to show more relevant options to the user. These filters create new and unique URLs based on the parameters used to filter. Items on your paginated pages need to be ordered based on priority. Paginated pages containing the most relevant content are only a few links from the landing page.

Testing Your Site for Current Pagination Implementation

This concept is known as the separation of presentation and content. But the need to manually paginate has diminished as the technology for dynamic display and automatic pagination advances. For client-side pagination, the content of each page is included in the HTML source code pre-loaded within the page, while server-side pagination requests each page individually upon navigation. Cursors sometimes contain data that can be used to filter other parameters. If the dataset it serves is small and well defined, the users can reduce the number of responses by being more specific in requests. But still, it is considered a good practice to provide pagination through API calls.

Types of pagination

They seek user-friendly information that fulfills user intent and is valuable to the user. Depending on factors like the site’s authority, the frequency of content updates, etc., search engines may crawl your site in depth or view a different amount of pages each time. With Freshteam API integration, organizations can seamlessly synchronize data between their application and Freshteam to ensure real pagination in web application time updation of employee information across both platforms. It helps capture any changes in employee status, designation, HR policies, etc. across different applications a business uses. In scenarios where data has a temporal aspect, time-based pagination can be useful. It involves using time-related parameters, such as “start_time” and “end_time”, to specify a time range for retrieving data.

Because Limit and Offset keywords are already part of the SQL syntax, very little logic is required to implement Offset Paging. Enhance user navigation by implementing clear and straightforward page numbers. This approach involves preferring minimalistic yet intuitive design elements that don’t overwhelm your audience.

Types of pagination

Using ‘old’ pagination techniques is entirely unavoidable as the ‘old’ approaches are still important, especially when it comes to internal linking. Internal linking will make it easier for search engine bots to find paginated pages. With dynamic web pages, pagination is used for such things as displaying a limited number of results on search engine results pages, or showing a limited number of posts when viewing a forum thread.

A guide to REST API pagination

Google Search Console URL inspection tool will help you check that all of your content is accessible and that your pagination is implemented correctly. Here are some best practices for SEO specialists to ensure that Google understands that this type of pagination is being used on the website. The main purpose of pagination is to improve the user experience by making content more manageable and easier to navigate. To make your pagination look great and function smoothly across all devices, opt for a responsive design. Adapt the layout to fit different screen sizes and resolutions, ensuring each element scales appropriately. This means buttons should remain easily clickable on mobile devices, and the text should be legible without zooming in, regardless of the gadget used.

Types of pagination


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